This is a dollar store version of any dice with less features and only supporting a limited syntax. It is based on my godot dice_syntax addon and returns probabilities based on that format alone. Source code can be found on github.

Supported Syntax

  • 4d6: roll 4 six sided dice
  • 4d6+2d5/2: Perform arbitrary mathematical operations
  • 4d6d1: roll 4d6, drop the lowest one
  • 4d6dh1: roll 4d6, drop the highest one
  • 4d6k1: roll 4d6, keep the highest one
  • 4d6kl1: roll 4d6, keep the lowest one
  • 4d6r1: roll 4d6 reroll all 1s (1 is not a possible result)
  • 4d6ro1: roll 4d6 reroll 1s once
  • 4d6r<2: roll 4d6 reroll all 1s and 2s (not possible results)
  • 4d6ro<2: roll 4d6 reroll1s and 2s once
  • 4d6!: roll 4d6 explode 6s (for every six, roll again until a non six is rolled, add them to the rolls. The output will have variable number of dice)
  • 4d6!!: roll 4d6 compound 6s (for every six, roll again until a non six is rolled, combined them into a single roll in the output. The output will have 4 dice)
  • 4d6!>5: roll 4d6 explode 5s and 6s
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Your godot dice syntax is pretty sweet. I just downloaded it and am gonna run some tests to see if implementing it in my current project is going to mess that many things up.

good luck and thanks! let me know if you find deficiencies